Exchange Server health monitoring

Exchange Reporter Plus monitors the health of key Exchange components and displays the required information in an easy to understand format. This solution uses PowerShell commandlets to monitor CPU and memory utilization, database health, mailbox replication health, and more.

Exchange health monitoring reports

This cluster of reports provides an overview on the health of key operations of the Exchange server. The monitoring software uses Windows PowerShell commandlets to get data and analyze the health of the components.

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CPU utilization

CPU utilization

This report offers complete information about the CPU usage of servers in your Exchange organization. It includes details about the server name, CPU utilization (in percentage), and the number of processes, threads, and handles. The dashboard view of CPU utilization will also give you a quick and thorough understanding of CPU usage. By monitoring CPU utilization, you can avoid potential problems caused by high CPU usage such as slow logons for your end users.

Memory utilization

Memory utilization

This report shows the results of monitoring the memory usage by servers in your Exchange organization. It lists the server name, percentage of memory utilized, available memory, and used memory. With this information, you can continuously monitor memory usage and avoid potential problems for your end users.

Exchange Service Health Monitoring

Service health:

This report provides a list of all roles and their corresponding statuses in the server to check the overall server health. It also shows if any particular service is not running.

Exchange Assistant Health Reports

Assistant health:

This report monitors the service performed by mailbox assistants and provides critical details to determine the assistant's health.

Mailbox Replication Monitoring Reports

Mailbox replication health:

This report compiles and displays the data generated each time the commandlet “Test-MRSHealth” is run. It indicates the replication health of the mailbox.

Exchange Mailflow Monitor Reports

Mailflow health:

This report uses the PowerShell commandlet “Test-Mailflow” to verify mail delivery. It also reports the same using parameters such as mailflow result and message latency.

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