Linux Network Monitoring

In an organization, network management is important to keep things running smoothly and getting more value out of network infrastructure. It is important to have an efficient network monitoring solution to monitor, coordinate, and control the network resources effectively. In an organization, the majority of processes run on a Windows or Linux server. Linux is open sourced, free to use, secure, and considerably more efficient on utilizing system resources.

OpManager proactively monitors Linux servers and machines for health, performance and availability. You can use OpManager's pre-defined Linux monitoring device templates and monitor the specific parameters of Linux devices with the option to drill down to the basics. OpManager also tracks the cpu utilization and resources to help with capacity planning of the network.

Linux Health and Availability Monitoring

OpManager offers pre-defined, in-built device templates that carry the initial configurations to classify the devices into the pre-defined categories, and to associate monitors to them. You can monitor the health and availability of Linux servers through SSH and SNMP and OpManager displays the overall resource usage, workload of Linux servers, memory and disk utilization, network and process count details. Resolve downtime issues of Linux servers with OpManager's advanced troubleshooting capabilities.


Linux Server Performance Monitoring

OpManager automatically discovers and classifies the Linux servers in a network. You can monitor the performance of Linux server and devices with specific pre-defined monitors to track the hardware performance, with insights on temperature, speed and memory. You can also configure thresholds and receive alerts when Linux server components are in a critical state and avert network downtime. You can monitor Linux server processes in real-time and troubleshoot critical processes remotely with OpManager.


Linux Monitoring Dashboards

OpManager provides dashboard customizations that can to display in-depth performance, health, availability and critical metrics. Using OpManager, you can view, monitor and control your entire Linux network from a single screen and the data can also be presented as a graph or chart. The dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of the status of your Linux network, with critical metrics from routers, servers, services, application, URLs, and other infrastructure devices.


Linux Monitoring Reports

OpManager provides a simple interface with more than 100 in-built reporting profiles, all intuitively grouped and classified. The performance metrics, memory utilization, disk utilization, incoming and outgoing traffic, interface errors and response time of every Linux system or device in your network can be generated as a report. Using OpManager, you can also configure separate 'Business views' with a group of Linux servers or machines and get combined reports on the associated devices. OpManager's Report Scheduler allows you to automate creation of reports as well as have these reports periodically mailed to desired recipients based on your requirements.


Linux Workflow Automation

OpManager provides extensive support for Linux workflow automation with over 70 workflow checks and actions out-of-the-box. Workflow actions are grouped under 9 different categories which includes VMware ESX actions to help you construct a powerful workflow rule to suit your Linux network. Using OpManager, you can configure a workflow to be initiated when there is a fault in your Linux network, when there is an on-going maintenance task or even on an ad-hoc basis. Automate repetitive actions and activities to effectively manage you Linux environment.


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