Datacenter Visual Modeling

It is highly difficult to manage the datacenter infrastructure if you can't visualize the elements present in it. As datacenter infrastructure management gets complex day by day, it is imperative to have a clear vision on its elements. Only then you can determine the performance at the rack and datacenter floor levels.

Though various datacenter visual modeling tools are available to help you visualize your datacenter and racks, they are static and don't show the health of the devices in real-time. These tools often work in silos and don't integrate with a datacenter infrastructure monitoring solution. As an effect, you have to sift through your CAD drawing to find out on which rack and floor the faulty device is present. By time you trace the device, your business critical services would have been disrupted.

Introducing industry-first visual modeling tool in OpManager, which helps you create a virtual representation of your datacenter floor and racks, and embed it on your NOC screens and monitor the health 24x7.

3D Datacenter Floor

OpManager allows you to create an exact replica of your datacenter in 3D with all the racks. The 3D view is dynamic as it shows the health status of devices in each rack in live. Any fault or performance problem is alerted using color codes and by clicking on the faulty device OpManager allows you drill down to that particular device.

3D Datacenter Floor

To create a 3D datacenter floor, you have to create virtual racks with all the devices populated and place the racks on the 3D datacenter floor. It is very easy-to-use create a 3D datacenter floor as you have to just drag-n-drop the racks onto the floor.

Rack Builder

OpManager allows you to create virtual racks with the devices populated on it. The rack shows the live health status of the devices that are mounted on it. Any fault or performance issue is highlighted using color codes. You can click on the faulty device to drill down to the device snapshot page to analyze the device's performance and identify the fault.

Rack Builder

To create a virtual rack, you have to add devices to OpManager. Then drag-n-drop those devices on the rack, change their size if necessary.


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