Active Directory Recovery Manager

Exchange backup tool

No system is perfect, and on-premises Exchange and Exchange Online are no exception. You need a solid backup and recovery plan to safeguard your mailbox data.

RecoveryManager Plus, a comprehensive Exchange backup and recovery solution, provides exactly what you need. Back up and restore all mailbox items (emails, calendar entries, contacts, journals, notes, posts, and tasks) in your on-premises Exchange or Exchange Online environment from a single console. Perform item and mailbox-level restorations as well as cross-platform restorations, using our one-stop solution for your Exchange backup needs.

What can RecoveryManager Plus do?

Pricing Details

No. of Exchange Mailboxes Standard Edition
25 Mailboxes US$295
50 Mailboxes US$495
100 Mailboxes US$795
200 Mailboxes US$1295
300 Mailboxes US$1795
500 Mailboxes US$2495
1000 Mailboxes US$3995
A single pane of glass for Active Directory and Exchange Backup